• March 1978: 
    Provincial Inspection Team was constituted with mandate to conduct enquiries against corrupt and inefficient officials and inspections of development works.
  • June 1984: 
    Renamed as Provincial Evaluation & Inspection Team headed by Major General Farhat Ali Burki.
  • August 1985: 
    Re-designated as Chief Minister Inspection and Evaluation Team.
  • May 1988: 
    Renamed as Governor’s Inspection and Evaluation Team.
  • October 1988: 
    Renamed as Chief Minister Inspection Team.
  • November 1999:
    Sindh Provincial Inspection Enquiries and Implementation Team.
  • October 2000: 
    Governor’s Inspection, Enquires and Implementation Team.
  • April 2003: 
    Chief Minister’s Inspection, Enquiries and Implementation Team.