Chief Minister's Inspections,

Enquiries and Implementation Team

Government of Sindh, Karachi.


                   Provincial Team for Inspections and Monitoring of ADP works was established in early 70s at Hyderabad (within the Planning & Development Department) and a team at Provincial level was established at Karachi. Later on, both teams were amalgamated in the name of CHIEF MINISTER'S INSPECTION, ENQUIRIES & IMPLEMENTATION TEAM under one Chairman.




                   The CMIE&IT has been assigned functions vide Services, General Administration & Coordination Department Notification No. SOII(S&GAD) 4-22/78) dated 19th August 1985, whereby the Technical wing of the Team has to ensure removal of short comings and deficiencies in the fields of construction of buildings and Public Health Engineering Works, for the entire Province including national highway and all roads. It has also to check the estimates and provisions of quantities of earth works particularly of Irrigation Department to control the misappropriation of funds and to monitor the tendering process to ensure proper competition.


           In order to conceive new Schemes and to act as the “Think Tank” for the Chief Executive, the Evaluation & Implementation wing undertakes all special assignments given by the Chief Minister and to check the functioning of all Provincial Departments including P&D Department, and to report unbiased assessment to him. It has also a role to monitor progress of federally executed works in the province and to determine their impact.